I have over 25 years valuable experience as a Content Writer, having begun crafting life as a journalist in a film magazine and then moving on to a daily newspaper in Mumbai, India. Three years as a journalist, and I moved over to advertising copywriting which gave me extensive experience in writing ads, brochures and film scripts, and all kinds of promo material for consumer and financial products and companies.

Today, I am a freelance writer and copy editor, with a unique competence in these areas. A Content Writer Hyderabad, India, I write in several genres. For one, as a Lifestyle Writer, I have written on a variety of themes such as health, fitness, food, travel, etc. for various Indian publications and online clients.

I have also broad based my writing skills in an area that always fascinated me--Children's Writing. I adapted a series of retold versions of children's classics for younger children, replete with a set of questions and activities. I also co-authored India's first fortnightly newspaper for children, News N' Stuff. I also wrote a series of children's stories on the life of the erstwhile rulers of Hyderabad state for its tercentenary celebrations.

An interest in Academic Writing also gave me an opportunity to write courseware for the M.A. (English) students of a distance education program of the Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Open University, Hyderabad, India, where this courseware is the basic text for this course.

Since the past 10 years, I have been a Non-fiction ghostwriter for umpteen e-books for clients in the U.S. on a variety of subjects such as law, banking, pets, healthcare, photography, etc. I also write SEO articles for websites on a wide range of subjects.

In addition, I am valued in professional circles for my Copy Editing skills of manuscripts e-books and articles. Over the years, I have successfully combined my educational background in English literature with a love for writing and have built up a modest but impressive client list.

You can contact me for writing projects in any of these genres.